In Feb 2012, I found what could be ANIMAL hair an/or HUMAN hair in La Flor's Crushed Red Pepper in the 4oz.size.

I opened the freshness seal and underneath were these small pieces of what looks like animal hair and then when I looked inside the bottle their was a 3 inch long BLACK HUMAN HAIR. At first I didn't think anything of it and I was in so much denial I even threw out long human hair and I wish i kept it for all to see. Of course the company never responded when I ask for some kind of refund or something to resolve this. The least they could've done is assured me that they will be more proactive in their quality control.

I took Pictures of some of the hair that was in the bottle.

I am returning this bottle to get it exchanged for Mckormick's Crushed Red Pepper.I will never buy anything from La Flor again and this product has been in my family through generations.

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